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I'm not due at any events in the near future.


Welcome to The Silver Hide, where I produce a mix of sterling silver and leather work.

I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries, and if anything interests you please do check out the shop for current stock.

If you're after something a little different to what is available, or maybe want a bit more information on a piece then please feel free to email me.

Thank you for stopping by the site,

~ Rebecca


Still alive! (Honest guv)

I've just updated the events page with the upcoming Empire Summer Solstice information. I was at the last one with some stock too, but neglected to actually mention it on this site, sorry!

The Etsy shop is also going to be getting restocked this month, and I've just done my first xmas fair application of the year (yes, these really do get done in the middle of summer!).

Hope everyone is surviving the heat and enjoying the sunshine. Tara for now!

Latest Jewellery Piece
Spiral pendant

This simple spiral pendant is made from 1mm or thicker sterling silver wire, which is hand shaped and then finished in one of several ways.


The three regular finsishes I tend to use are: lightly hammered flat & polished, hammered for a textured finish & polished, or lightly hammered flat and then given a scratch 'satin' look.


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Latest Leather Piece
Scroll case (A3)

This scroll case was a commissioned piece and was hand made from veg tanned leather: it was molded, dyed, stamped and hand stitched.


The stitching half way down the tube is a somewhat unusual feature, as I ended up combining two sections of leather in order to have a piece large enough for the overall tube.


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