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Reference Code: LCSCA

Scroll case (A3)

This scroll case was a commissioned piece and was hand made from veg tanned leather: it was molded, dyed, stamped and hand stitched.


The stitching half way down the tube is a somewhat unusual feature, as I ended up combining two sections of leather in order to have a piece large enough for the overall tube.


The stitching was all done using artificial sinew for a strong, weatherable finish.


The cap end has some stamped detailing, and the tube itself has a soft leather insert to be tucked in as additional weatherproofing/security.


The bottom end of the case has matching stamped detail, as well as a subtle red dye pattern added before the overall brown dye.


Both ends of the case were fitted with brass trigger catches so that the case could be attached to a strap - or in this particular instance it usually gets clipped to the owner's shoulder bag.


This was actually my first scroll case, however I am really fond of the design and intend to produce some smaller cases to fit A4 in the future.



Guideline Price: 0.00